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Personalized Legal Search Agents

Our Philosophy

We are agents for lateral attorneys and for elite law firms and corporations interested in acquiring top talent. As agents in a personalized business, we strive to fully understand the goals articulated by both clients and lateral attorneys in order to skillfully represent their interests. We critically think about the myriad reasons motivating each individual lateral partner or associate to consider new and better career opportunities.


We then rigorously analyze the lateral recruiting needs of law firms and corporations that assign us important searches. We are experts in the full cycle recruitment process—from our initial contact, to offer and acceptance and every step in between. We work diligently to create the right combination of opportunity and talent. Many of our clients and most of the attorneys with whom we work instruct us exclusively to represent them.


We don’t confuse priorities. Only when your goals are met, do we achieve ours.

Our Philosophy

We Recruit.
Job Search Engines Can’t

Algorithms, data mining and applicant assessment software cannot replicate what we do. We only represent attorneys and employers. We take the time to get to know and understand our unique clients.


Years of successful placement experience cannot be replaced by impersonal tech ploys.


Diversity and Inclusion

Since its inception, Klein Landau & Edelman has been committed to recruiting and submitting a diverse and inclusive group of attorneys on all assignments on which we work. We believe as responsible legal recruiting agents, Klein Landau & Edelman is uniquely situated to assist law firms and corporations to achieve Mansfield Certification by affirmatively submitting for consideration: women, LGBTQ+, lawyers with disabilities, and racial/ethnic minority lawyers.


The majority of our recent and notable placements meets this standard. As our signature makes clear, Klein Landau & Edelman is committed to equality-based legal recruiting.


Commitment To Diversity and Inclusion

In accordance with all applicable, federal, state, and local laws, it is affirmed that Klein Landau & Edelmanprovides equal employment opportunities to all job candidates without regard to an individual’s protected status, including race/ethnicity, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, age, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, including pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions, disability, military service, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected status. Federal and state laws define discrimination as treating a candidate for employment differently based on the candidate’s membership in one of the protected categories listed above.

“David Landau of Klein Landau & Edelman provides ZwillGen with attorneys who are not only excellent lawyers, but who also fit into our firm’s culture.”

Founder and Managing Member
Marc Zwillinger, ZwillGen, PLLC

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